Monday, October 29, 2007

Can't stop soldering

I'm supposed to be making wire wrapped projects because that's what I'm the best at.. And I have an art show coming up in two weeks and really need lots and lots of things to take with me to try and sell, but for some reason I'm having a torch addiction problem.. I kind of wish I would run out of gas or spill my entire bottle of flux so i'd have a good excuse to pick my pliers back up and get to wrapping!
I did make a really cool ring that combined some techniques.. After the holidays are over i definitely plan on intensifying my metal smithing.. It is such a fascinating subject.. And just months ago I looked at it as an alien, I thought it was way too far away for me to even consider.. I looked at it like I looked at being a chef when i was a dishwasher for so many years.. Complete reverie and idolatry.. But now it seems so close, so attainable.. Metal smithing, You Will Be Mine!

Friday, October 26, 2007

I've become too impertinent

soooo, I created this blog where I can overflow all of those things that i really want to write about that just end up getting into my jewelry descriptions or my forum posts.. This way I can focus my jewelry writings more about the jewelry and less about my dreams, philosophies, and other strange things that go on in my mind.. pheww, i feel liberated..
i make jewelry and sell it on etsy.. well i make jewelry and put it for sale on etsy.. whether or not it sells depends on the day and i think, my karma..
Today I'm working on a fabulous design.. But I'm a little afraid that it may be too bold for most people.. oh well, i'm going to finish it anyways..
For now I'm off to my lovely work bench, I will post the design soon.. Isn't my son adorable sitting in front of my work bench?