Friday, October 26, 2007

I've become too impertinent

soooo, I created this blog where I can overflow all of those things that i really want to write about that just end up getting into my jewelry descriptions or my forum posts.. This way I can focus my jewelry writings more about the jewelry and less about my dreams, philosophies, and other strange things that go on in my mind.. pheww, i feel liberated..
i make jewelry and sell it on etsy.. well i make jewelry and put it for sale on etsy.. whether or not it sells depends on the day and i think, my karma..
Today I'm working on a fabulous design.. But I'm a little afraid that it may be too bold for most people.. oh well, i'm going to finish it anyways..
For now I'm off to my lovely work bench, I will post the design soon.. Isn't my son adorable sitting in front of my work bench?

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