Wednesday, August 13, 2008

so today i did a bunch

but it really equaled out to be not much if one were looking from the outside. I rearranged a certain flower bed that has been giving me considerable laughing streaks and quite a bit of embarrassment. I pruned things, even though I don't really know the proper way to do that, I just used my scissors to cut off ugly pieces, or ones that were in the way.Then I staked them, fertilized them, watered them, and obsessively kept an eye on the. Plants are a constant source of inspiration, perplexity, aggravation, pure bliss, itchiness, and co-dependence to me.. i guess that's better than heroin or paralysis..
so after my day planting and looking through my gardender's dictionary, i decided to take a break to sit at my work bench and listen to "wait wait don't tell me".. my inspirations came from the illustrations in the book of intricate seed patterning, phyllotaxis and the goddess of all weird and provoking flowers, the passiflora (passion flower).. and so this finger adornment was born.

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Anonymous said...

Hurrah, I found this link through Etsy.I sent you a message a while back on there...I've decided it's jewelery buying time again, got any goodies for me to look at? :D You have not a thing on sale at Etsy, I almost cried. Hope you're well, dear. T. x