Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Need to Change Something

ok so i've approached this impasse. it's not so much a decision confusion as it is a decision impotence. i feel listless, and not even crazy listless, bored listless..
i've dug this hole in my being, this river in my brain, this tread on my tire, and it's not becoming of me..
i need to read more books, not listen to books on tape. i need to take more walks for leisure, not jog for weight loss. i need to play in the yard, really play in the yard, disregarding any weed i may see, disregarding any "valuable work time" I may be missing. I need to write letters to people I love instead of texting or emailing them. I need to be courageous, I need to be me again...

1 comment:

Thyme2dream said...

It seems a good time for shifting and changing...for increase in the good sense, not just in the busy-ness sense. Sounds like you are going in a good direction~hugs n blessings on your journey!!